OfficialWhistle Development Camp


June 25 - June 27, 2020

at Ventura College, Ventura, California

Referee Development Camp

Registration and payment deadline 6/1/2020
Camp Fee $275.00 All payments will be online.

Who should attend?

1 – play-off level high school officials needing expert instruction and training for the 3-person mechanics
2 – collegiate officials who currently work at the Junior College or Division III level who need instruction and training for the 3-person collegiate mechanics and who want to gain an edge improving future opportunities in collegiate assignments.
Camp Director, Kathleen A. McGlynn 25 year official, former South Coast Conference coordinator of officials (4 years) and current coordinator of Women's officials for the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) - (18 years).
"I personally invite you to engage yourself this summer to be better prepared for what lies ahead. See you on the court at our camps! Make the right call!"
- Kathleen
"I had a great time, learned a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and how to do things the right way. The staff was very helpful and I would recommend this to all officials, new or veteran status. You were a fabulous host and I’m honored that you allowed me to attend. God bless! Make it a great day!"
- Michael Green

"I just wanted to say thank you again for a great camp. Both the on court and classroom sessions were very helpful and the information provided will definitely improve my game."
- Tiffany
More Testimonials

OfficialWhistle Training Camps provide excellent and professional instruction on and off the court in a learning environment.

OfficialWhistle Training Camps are held each year during the summer.

The OfficialWhisltle Training Camps

The OfficialWhistle Training Camps are marque educational training opportunities catering to the high school playoff level official, Junior College official, to Division III level basketball referee.
As with tradition, summer camps provide an opportunity for players and officials alike to be an integral part of a very competitive level of basketball competition. This low-key camp will cater to high school, junior college, and Division III officials and will begin with a morning meeting each day, games during the day and an evening meeting. Participants will work approximately 2 games per day and there are a variety of classroom topics, on-court demonstrations, evaluations, game management and tape breakdown sessions. Collegiate 3-person mechanics will be covered throughout the camp providing the opportunity for high school officials to work on playoff mechanics and community college and Division III officials to develop and perfect skills in order to step-up to and into the next level. Each camp is specifically tailored to help each official develop and progress towards their goals.